Wise Wolves Finance Ltd is actively building the business that generates values based on principles of honesty, transparency, professionalism, confidence and priority care of client interests.

Our team of professionals is acting in the interest of the client, providing them the best price options, appropriate notifications for all possible risks and changes in policy of the company or tendencies of the markets and do not disclose any confidential information with the exception of the cases when the disclosure of certain information is required in accordance with specific legislation.

Governance Arrangements

In identifying the Board of Directors, the Company has taken into consideration the matters outlined in paragraph 9, 10 of the amended Law 87(I)/2017. As such, the members of the Board of Directors:

  • have sufficiently good repute and possess sufficient knowledge, skills and experience to perform their duties,
  • commit sufficient time to perform their functions in the Company,
  • the number of directorships held by each member of the Board does not compromise the time devoted to the Company; in all cases the Company’s Board members do not hold more than one of the following combinations of directorships at the same time:
    • one executive directorship with two non-executive directorships,
    • four non-executive directorships.
  • Act with honesty, integrity and independence of mind to effectively assess and challenge the decisions of the senior management where necessary and to effectively oversee and monitor the decision-making of the management.

Overall, the Company’s governance arrangements comply with the below requirements, as these are set out in the Law:

  • the overall responsibility for the Company lies with the Board of Directors, which approves and oversees the implementation of the Company’s strategic objectives, risk prevention strategy and internal governance,
  • the Board of Directors ensures the integrity of the accounting and financial reporting systems, including financial and operational controls and compliance with the Law and relevant standards,
  • the Board of Directors oversees the process of disclosure and announcements,
  • the Board of Directors is responsible for providing effective supervision of senior management,
  • the Chairman of the Board of Directors does not exercise simultaneously the functions of a chief executive officer in the Company,
  • the Company’s Board of Directors monitors and periodically assesses the effectiveness of the Company’s governance arrangements and takes all appropriate steps to address any deficiencies.