Wise Wolves Finance Ltd is comprised of local and international professionals with global view, solid backgrounds, and successful track records. To see members of the Board of Directors, please refer to the Certificate of Directors placed on our website in Section Legal Documents.

We are creating efficient and tailor-made solution to satisfy financial needs of our clients for short and long-term return in a high competition environment.

The team, within the established environment, delivers the best possible results. We are anchored in a dynamic, cutting-edge business that embraces both increased regulation and a fast-moving world.

Our goal is to set a new benchmark for how finance companies do business with on absolute focus on clients’ expectations.

In relation to the USA Foreign Accounts Tax Compliance Act (FATCA)  Wise Wolves Finance  is classified as a Foreign Financial Institution (FFI) and is registered with the IRS and the General Identification Number (GIN)  is 9FL7A1.99999.SL.196.  For information regarding our FATCA implementation program, customers should contact our Compliance department or email at compliance@wise-wolves.com